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E-Mail Support



Can I have more than one e-mail account?

You can have up to 10 separate POP3/webmail accounts for each domain name.

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Do you offer a 'catch-all' e-mail address?

Yes, you can set up a 'catch-all' e-mail address if you order E-Mail Forwarding for your POP3 account.

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Will I need more than the 10 MB of space for my e-mail account?

10 MB of space will hold hundreds of e-mails unless you receive many large attachments with your e-mails or have a number of e-mail/webmail accounts.

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Can I have e-mail here if I have a domain name hosted somewhere else?

No. Your domain name must be registered and use our name servers in order to administer your e-mail addresses and webmail.

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I already have a domain, can I use it with your e-mail? what are the steps?

Yes, if you already have a domain you can use it with our e-mail accounts but you will not be able to have a website somewhere else. If you want e-mail and a website look at one of our affordable web hosting plans. If you do not need a website you can order an e-mail package here. After you paid for the e-mail account you will receive an email with all your login information to the server. You MUST also login into your domain control panel where ever you registered the domain and modify the NAMESERVERS or DNS to ours, our nameservers will be in the welcome email, you must make those changes in order for your e-mail to be active.

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Can I have e-mail here if I also have my domain name website hosted here?

No. If you have your website hosted here you already have a minimum of 2 POP3/webmail accounts and unlimited e-mail forwarding with our least expensive web hosting package. If you need more POP3/webmail accounts you will need to upgrade your hosting package to one that includes more.

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How Do I access my email control panel?

CPanel may be accessed at

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How Do I use the 'cPanel' ?

Use this link for a comprehensive guide on how to use the Control Panel that is provided with your e-mail account. cPanel Guide

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If I buy an e-mail plan today can I upgrade later or when my needs grow? Will i get charged for upgrading?

Yes, you can upgrade at any point. Just send an email to and let them know what you need upgraded, they will prorate what you have used so far of your current plan cost. No there is no charge for upgrading an e-mail plan!

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What DNS should my domain name point to?

Please see your activation email, they are listed towards the bottom of the activation email titled "DNS Instructions"

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Which brand of control panel do you use? Can I see a demo?

We use , it has tremendous features. CPanel is a great tool that many hosting companies charge extra for, but we include it in all of our plans for free.

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Why have I been notified that my account has been set up but my e-mail is still not active?

If you have received a notification email and its been over 48 hours, it means that you either did not point your domain name to the right DNS servers or your ISP's DNS server has not yet been updated. It generally takes 24 hours for domain names to become active. This is just how the internet works; there is no way we can speed up the process.

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